Previously the state-run Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center, University Health has faced a number of challenges in its first 18 months of operation. With local communities largely unaware of the system’s new business leadership, the hospitals faced low brand awareness and a generally negative perception as a charity hospital with long wait times and inferior facilities.

G&P met this challenge with a strategic plan that focused initially on brand awareness, followed by messages around upgrades in service and facilities as those advancements occurred, and most recently, the launch of a major brand positioning campaign. “The New U” has been at the heart of our marketing since September 2014, and we have proliferated the “U” throughout North Louisiana communities and internally within the hospital campuses to drive positive perception change and pride in the region’s only academic center.

The result:  inpatient volume up by 3.9% and market share increase from 21.6% to 23.4% compared to the year prior.